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For centuries, herbs were a staple of daily life. In England in 1699, John Evelyn wrote Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets, which listed 73 salad herbs, giving details of the part of each herb used, whether seed, flower, bud, leaf, stalk or root, and how it was best prepared - raw, chopped, steamed, blanched or pickled. This broad usage continued for centuries, demonstrated by the fact that even 200 years ago the word vegetable was not commonly used - we spoke of "pot herbs" (for bulk in the cooking pot), "salet" (salad) herbs, "sweet" herbs (flavorings) and "simples" (medicinal herbs from which "compounds" were made).

On Thyme Gourmet is a fresh herb product company that sells Fresh Herb Sea Salt, Fresh Herb Butter and Fresh Herb Olive Oil, and our newest product; Fresh Herb Tea. Our newest product comes from the heart of Montana, Fresh Montana Sage Tea and Fresh Beartooth Basil Tea.

All of our products are designed to take the guess work out of cooking with herbs. Please e-mail for European contact information.